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Mathematical Economics note for fourth semester, MA Economics
Prove that ∫〖∑_(i=1)K_i  f_i (x)dx〗=∑_(i=1)K_i  ∫∑_(i=0)〖f_i (x)dx〗
Derivative of y=x^2log3(x)
Derivative of y=a^x
Derivative: Theoretical concept and economic implication
U(X,Y)=X^(0.4)+Y^(0.6)  subject to I=P_x X+P_y Y
Q=A(t) K^α L^β, where A(t) is the increasing function of time (A.C. Chaing)
Input - Output Model: Basic Introduction and Derivation
Difference and Differential Equation
Special Cases in Simplex Method