Career at NRB: Reference Materials

Hundreds of aspirants contact me seeking advice on preparation strategies, reading materials, and textbooks for their studies. I appreciate those who have engaged with me for their eagerness to pursue government jobs, including NRB.

This blog post contains slides, PDFs, videos, and blog posts that might be helpful in preparation. Some of these materials are created by me, some by Respected Siddha Bhatta sir, and others by anonymous creators.

Revised Question Pattern and Syllabus: 6-Assistant-Director-Adm-Open-2080-1.pdf ( 

Question Banks: Download (I am thankful to Mr. Surya Paudel for the question bank)

Some FAQs and their answers

1. Can we take the examination in Nepali or English or Both? 

Yes, you are free to write in English or Nepali or both.

2. How to prepare for the examination?

My recommendation is to go through all the contents of the syllabus. If possible, go into detail, otherwise once have a look into it.

Strategy: Qualities of Good Answers and Exam Takers - Cracking competitive exams


Microeconomics: Click here
Management: Click here
Development Perspectives: Click here
Mathematics: Click here
Microeconomics by Siddha sir: Click here
Economics Quiz 1: 75 MCQs (Important)
Economics Quiz 2: Banking and Economics 1
Economics Quiz 3: Banking and Economics 2

Materials for Main Exam

Banking Law (Blog posts): Click here
Banking Law (Book): Click here
Research (Blog posts): Click here
Macroeconomics: Click here
Managerial Economics: Click here (This book will cover later sections)
Managerial Economics: Click here (This book will cover the beginning sections)
Development Economics: Will be added soon
International Economics: Will be added soon
Monetary Economics: Will be added soon
Growth Puzzle: Nepal's Perspective (Read it for a new perspective)
Economic Bulletin (For data)

Research papers (read abstracts, findings, and conclusion only)
Will be added more

Videos for Main Exam

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