All About Econometrics: A complete guide for MA Economics TU

In this blog post, I have attempted to simply compile the materials that might help students in learning econometrics. This blog post is intended for students studying MA Economics at Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

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Basic Concept of Econometrics (Video): Click Here

Ordinary Least Squares (Video): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

BLUE Property Part 1 (Video): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

BLUE Property Part 2 (Video): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

Ordinary Least Squares - Matrix Method (Video): Click Here [Important - 10 Marks]

BLUE Property Matrix Method (Video): Click Here

Multiple Linear Regression (Video): Click Here [Important - 10 Marks]

Multiple Linear Regression - Practical (Video): Click Here [Important - 10 Marks]

Interpretation of regression coefficients: Blog Post | Video

Linear Probability Model and Logit Model (Video): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

Dummy Variable: Meaning, Uses, Interpretation, and Precautions (Blog post): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

Dummy variable trap: Meaning, Consequences, and Remedies (Video): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

Few Advanced Topics [Out of syllabus]

Endogeneity and Use of Instrumental Variables: Click Here

Omitted Variable Bias (Video): Click Here (Asked in Pre-board of CEDECON)

What is an instrumental variable? (blog post): Click Here

A deep dive into endogeneity problem (blog post): Click Here

Note: Still Few Topics are not covered including Violation of Assumption of Classical Linear Regression 

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