Learn SPSS in just 7 hours

A complete session on SPSS (7 hours Video)

Dataset and supportive documents


Preliminary I: How to install SPSS on your PC?

Watch Video

Tentative Course Schedule


Data Analysis with SPSS

Review of Basic Concepts and SPSS Basics - 1 Hour

Descriptive statistics: mean, median, mode, sd, min, max, skewness, Kurtosis, correlation

Inferential Statistics: Confidence Interval and hypothesis testing

Sources of data: cross-section, time series, and panel

Measurement Scales and Choice of Statistical Measures

Installing a copy of SPSS in our Computer

Introduction to SPSS

Importing Data

Exporting output and data file

Assignment I

Questionnaire Design and Data Entry - 1 Hour

Designing and Coding a Questionnaire

Data and Syntax Editor

Output Viewer

Creating and Modifying Data in SPSS

Creating and Defining Variables

Labeling variable and variable values

Inserting and Deleting Cases and Variables

Computing New Variables

Recoding Variables

Sorting and Selecting Cases

Assignment II

Working with Tables, Graphs, and Summary Statistics - 1.5 Hour

Simple frequency tables, two way, and three-way tables, multiple way tables

Percentage tables

Tables of summary statistics

Editing and exporting tables

Bar Diagram, Line Chart, Scatter Plot, Box plot

Editing charts and graphs

Exporting charts and graphs to word file

Mean median, mode, s.d, variance, min, max, range, skewness, Kurtosis

Correlation: Pearson's and Spearman's correlation

Tables and Graphs of summary statistics

Assignment III

Working with Hypothesis Testing - 1.5 Hour

Parametric Tests: T-test (One sample, independent samples, paired), Oneway ANOVA Test,

Non-parametric Tests: Chi-square test

Regression: Concept of regression

Estimating Regression with SPSS

The explanatory power of the regression model

Checking for autocorrelation and Multicollinearity

Use of the dummy variable in the regression

Assignment IV

Day VI: Concluding remarks - 1 Hour

A brief overview of the entire session

Feedback and Q&A session

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