Frequently asked questions by BBA newcomers

Students who are willing to join BBA of TU have asked some questions. We have collected those questions so that it might be helpful for others.

1. What is TU BBA?

TU BBA is the 4-year Bachelors in Business Administration program conducted by Tribhuvan University. The 4 year BBA program consists of 8 semesters with the final two semesters focuses on specialization.

2. Why study TU BBA? What are the pros and cons of TU BBA?

TU BBA is an excellent platform for student to extend their skill, ability, and business knowledge. The prime benefit of the TU BBA program is its holistic combination of subjects.

Students enrolled in TU BBA will get familiarity with Economics, Mathematics, English, Business Communication, Marketing, Business Law, Psychology, Database, Sociology, Entrepreneurship, Accountancy, and the like. Hence, the BBA passed out will have basic knowledge of more than 20 disciplines, which is actually the greatest merit of BBA.

The demerit lies in the fact that BBA passed out will have basic knowledge only. Other demerits of BBA can be its high cost. 

3. What are the criteria to get enrolled in BBA?

If any student wants to enroll in BBA must accomplish either +2 or PCL or equivalent qualification in any discipline with minimum grade ‘C’ in all the subjects of 11 and 12 with a minimum score of second division marks. Unfortunately, "D+" in any of the subjects is also not eligible for TU BBA.

He or she must appear CMAT test taken by Tribhuvan University. He or she must secure at least 40 out of 100 in CMAT to join TU BBA.

4. If I did BSc or left out BSc, then Can I apply for BBA?

Yes, you are perfectly eligible for BBA provided the above-mentioned criteria must be met.

5. What is CMAT?

CMAT is an acronym for Central Management Admission Test. The student must take CMAT to enroll in BBA program affiliated to TU. CMAT has great importance in selection. Necessarily, out must secure at least 40 marks to pursue BBA in any of the TU affiliated BBA college. 

Similarly, your CMAT score carries 70 percent, academic mark carries 20 percent, and the interview carries 10 percent weight. CMAT score above 70 is preferable for Shanker Dev Campus and Nepal Commerce Campus. So, your CMAT score plays a vital role. 

6. Is CMAT technically difficult? What sort of questions are asked?

CMAT is not technically so difficult. You can get CMAT practice book near Shanker Dev Campus, Putalisadak and Nepal Commerce Campus, Minbhawan, New Baneshwor.

There will be four sections 1. English (25 marks) (synonyms, antonyms, phrasal verbs,…) 2. Mathematics (25 marks) 3. Logical reasoning (25 marks) 4. General knowledge (25 marks)

If you think of taking CMAT classes, then you may take CMAT classes. There are many management test preparation institutions at Putalisadak and New Baneshwor.

7. How many colleges offer the TU BBA program?

25 to 30 colleges offer the TU BBA program.

8. Do government colleges offer a BBA program?

Yes. TU affiliated BBA colleges are either private or public. Shanker Dev Campus, Nepal Commerce Campus, Public Youth, Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya (Affiliated to TU and operated by Nepal Army), Bhaktapur Multiple Campus, Patan Multiple Campus, and Padma Kanya Campus are public owned colleges while other colleges are private. There is high competition in public colleges.

For more information you may visit: Government Colleges for BBA TU and Affiliated Colleges for BBA TU

9. How many students can enroll in each batch in the TU BBA program?

In government colleges, 90 students can enroll in a batch, while only 60 students can enroll in the TU BBA affiliated colleges.

10. Suppose I give an exam in a government college and don't get selected. Will I still be able to study in private if I get pass mark?

For getting a safe corner, you must apply to private colleges and government colleges at the same time. Sometimes the deadline for private colleges will be quite earlier. So, you may visit some of the private colleges to acknowledge their respective deadlines. Many students apply both in private colleges and government colleges as a safety.

11. How much does the BBA program cost?

The cost of 4 years of TU BBA program ranges from Rs. 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs. Students must pay fees per semester. Government colleges including Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya (Army Multiple Campus) are relatively cheaper with the cost ranging between Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 4 lakhs.

12. Do BBA colleges offer a scholarship?

TU BBA colleges offer Scholarships up to 50 percent. For scholarship, you need a letter from VDC or municipality certifying that you did SLC from a government school, and submit it to your respective college where you enroll in.

13. Is there an official website for TU BBA?

Yes, there is an official website of TU BBA. is the official website operated by the Faculty of Management. CMAT examination schedule, CMAT result, BBA examination routine and results of BBA are all published in this portal.

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