The astoundingly opulent trip

The maiden trip of my life was one of the most splendid trips, which will always remain in my reminiscence. I am a difficult person, and I generally detest trips and tours. I was not in favor of participating in the trip, but eventually, I participated, which I acknowledged was my better decision indeed. I was quite scared of the precariously winding road of the Prithivi highway, and the Siddhartha highway, and the mighty rivers that flow with the impetuous current just beneath the highway. So, this tour was a harrowing ordeal for me.

We set off for the maiden tour at 6:30 AM and left for Pokhara at 7:30 AM after we gathered at Bhadrakali. The seven hours of travel by bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara gave me an amazing experience. I was entertaining the spectacular scenario of the Annapurna range. More specifically, Mount Machhapuchurre is really gorgeous and is one of the few mountains that has the power to beguile every person through her abstractness. Begnas Lake, one of the largest lakes of Nepal, was our first destination. The beauty of Begnas Lake was beyond my imagination. The snowcapped mountains, the green hills, and the blue water made the environment really ineffable, and opulent. The complete scenario encompassing the White Mountain, the green hills, and the pacific-blue water was really resplendent. We left Begnas Lake at 4:30 PM, and entered to Pokhara City. The Seti River, which I read in books, heard from People, and saw in Television, has a frightening visage while having a view from K.I Singh Bridge. The Sun concealed behind the hills, which made an end to the first day of our tour.
The night in Pokhara was pleasant. The environment of Pokhara was refresh by the breeze from Phewa Lake. We stayed at Danfe hotel, Lakeside. The hotel was excellent with sumptuous hospitality, and pleasantly embellished rooms. The strike and Banda by different political parties halted our route, which gave us an opportunity to know about Pokhara more intensely. The naturally beautified and embellished Lake, The Phewa Lake, has a breath-taking scenario. The reflection of a shadow of Mount Machhapuchre on the Phewa Lake makes the scenario eye-catching. On the same day, we visited Davis Fall, and Gupteshor Mahadev on foot. Finally, we left Pokhara and set off for Palpa at 4 PM, which was 120 km far from Pokhara. We went along the Siddhartha Highway, which was deemed to be one of the dangerous high altitude roads. My heart pounded faster as the bus travel along the precarious winding road. Eventually, we reached Palpa after traveling for six hours, and stayed at Hotel Amrit, B.P. Chok.

Palpa is a gift of nature. It seems that nature has made a strenuous decision to reside in Palpa. The natural beauty, which resides elsewhere, made Palpa ‘A Place Embellished by Nature Herself’. The magnificent scenario through the tower of Palpa was extremely attractive. I was one of the fortunate persons to have a glance over the beauty of nature, her kindness, humaneness, and the power settles in her to make people delight. The clear picturesque of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Range, the silver clouds attached to the White Mountains, and the green hills were unimpeachable.

The tour was really opulent. Our tour would have definitely been superfine if we have visited Lumbini. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the tour. I was intrinsically delighted as I learned about the struggles of life outside the house, the difficulty that a person faces during the adjustment with friends, and the value of knowledge and ideas gained through traveling, which is far superior to the knowledge confined to books. It’s impossible for me to forget the acuity of mountains, the greenery of hills, the spotlessness of lakes, and the winding roads.

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