Dynamics of Remittance in Nepalese Economy

COVID-19 pandemic has threatened the remittance-based countries. The migrant workers find themselves in a precarious position. Lockdown, far and wide, has brought economic activities to still. This pandemic has threatened the world of mass unemployment, economic downturn, and the likelihood of severe economic shocks. Nepalese workers working abroad are struggling with negative socioeconomic circumstances. On March 24, the government’s High-Level Coordination Committee for Prevention and Control of Covid-19 called upon Nepalis abroad to remain safely where they were and appealed to those countries to protect their health and safety.


Remittance has captured a deep-rooted impact on Nepalese society and the economy. With the return of migrant workers, the remittance will experience a huge downfall. The economic variables of the remittance-based economy are likely to crumble with the plunge in remittance.

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