Eight months 2022/23 Current Macroeconomic and Financial Situation of Nepal

  • CPI-based Inflation remained at 7.44 percent on a y-o-y basis. 
  • Imports decreased by 19.1 percent, exports decreased by 29.1 percent and the trade deficit decreased by 17.9 percent. 
  • Remittances increased 25.3 percent in NPR terms and 14.8 percent in USD terms.
  • Balance of Payments remained at a surplus of Rs.148.11 billion. 
  • Gross foreign exchange reserves stood at NPR 1401.21 billion and 10.69 billion in USD terms.
  • Federal Government expenditure amounted to Rs.779.23 billion and revenue collection Rs.582.77 billion.
  • Broad money (M2) increased by 5.3 percent. On a y-o-y basis, M2 increased by 9.1 percent.
  • Deposits at BFIs increased by 5.5 percent and private sector credit increased by 4.6 percent. 
  • On a y-o-y basis, deposits increased by 10.5 percent and private-sector credit increased by 3.1 percent.
Link to complete report: https://www.nrb.org.np/contents/uploads/2023/04/Current-Macroeconomic-and-Financial-Situation-English-Based-on-Eight-Months-data-of-2022.23.pdf

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