Time-series analysis made easy. Run EViews from MS Excel.

This small MS Excel program runs a program written in EViews and finally displays EViews output. All you need to do is simply click on the buttons. This program is designed to assist students and researchers in conducting time-series analysis.       

EViews program performs the following operations:       

1. Performs log transformation of variables.       

2. Estimates the growth rate of variables       

3. Performs unit root tests (ADF and PP)       

4. Performs OLS.       

5. Performs Engle Granger Two-Step Procedure       

6. Performs ARDL cointegration       

7. Reports results of all the models with their appropriate diagnostic tests.       

Features of this program       

1. You can add up to 15 independent variables.       

2. You can change the variables and associated data, and run your own model.

Written by

Rohan Byanjankar

[email protected]

Download this program

Follow the link: https://bit.ly/eviews_nrb_rohan

Video Tutorial

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