All About Econometrics: A complete guide for MA Economics TU

In this blog post, I have attempted to simply compile the materials that might help students in learning econometrics. This blog post is intended for students studying MA Economics at Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Basic Concept of Econometrics (Video): Click Here

Ordinary Least Squares (Video): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

BLUE Property Part 1 (Video): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

BLUE Property Part 2 (Video): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

Ordinary Least Squares - Matrix Method (Video): Click Here [Important - 10 Marks]

BLUE Property Matrix Method (Video): Click Here

Multiple Linear Regression (Video): Click Here [Important - 10 Marks]

Multiple Linear Regression - Practical (Video): Click Here [Important - 10 Marks]

Interpretation of regression coefficients: Blog Post | Video

Linear Probability Model and Logit Model (Video): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

Dummy Variable: Meaning, Uses, Interpretation, and Precautions (Blog post): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

Dummy variable trap: Meaning, Consequences, and Remedies (Video): Click Here [Important - 5 Marks]

Few Advanced Topics [Out of syllabus]

Endogeneity and Use of Instrumental Variables: Click Here

Omitted Variable Bias (Video): Click Here (Asked in Pre-board of CEDECON)

What is an instrumental variable? (blog post): Click Here

A deep dive into endogeneity problem (blog post): Click Here

Note: Still Few Topics are not covered including Violation of the Assumption of Classical Linear Regression 

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