Budget 2077-78: Summary and Figures

Budget Objectives
  • To protect the life of all the citizens from all kinds of infection, disease, and disaster
  • To expedite economic recovery through the optimal mobilization of available resources, opportunities, and capacity. 
  • To promote and expand welfare through the fulfillment of fundamental human rights
  • To promote upliftment, independence, prosperity, and socialism-oriented economy through social, economic, and physical infrastructure development. 
Federal, State, and Local
  • Equalization grant: Rs. 55 Arba 19 Crores to Province and Rs. 90 Arba 5 Crores Local level
  • Conditional grant: Rs. 36 Arba 35 Crores to Province and Rs. 1 Kharba 61 Arba 8 Crores to Local level
  • Complementary grant: Rs. 9 Arba 96 Crores to Province and Local level
  • Special grant: Rs. 9 Arba 97 Crores
  • Revenue distribution: Rs. 1 Kharba 22 Arba 14 Crores to Province and Local level
Budget Summary
Headings     Rs.     (Arba)  Percent
Current expenditure 948.64 64.33
Capital expenditure 352.91 23.93
Financial management 172.79 11.72
Total 1474.64 100.00
Budget Programs and Expenditure
  • Health Sector: Rs. 90 Arba 69 Crores
    • Rs. 6 Arba allocated to prevent the shortfall of medicines, equipment, and treatment instruments in order to control the spread of Corona infection and treatment.
    • Free of cost medical insurance up to Rs. 5 lakhs to doctors and lab workers involved in Corona treatment.
    • Rs. 12 Arba 46 Crores for Health Infrastructure Development, which includes the establishment of a hospital with 300 beds specialized in communicable diseases.
    • Establishment of Health Desk.
    • Rs. 14 Arba 27 Crores for the establishment of 272 hospitals (with 5 and 15 beds) in all the local level.
    • One doctor, one healthy life program to be encouraged.
    • Highway Trauma Center to be established.
    • Health insurance to be ensured for everyone within three years. By the end of next year, 40% of the population of every VDC will be provided health insurance. For the same purpose, Rs 7 Arba has been allocated.
    • Corona insurance 50 percent premium to be paid by the government.
  • Labour and Employment: Rs. 17 Arba 94 Crores
    • "Let's build our village by ownself" campaign to be promoted.
    • "Work for Food" program to be promoted.
    • Rs. 11 Arba 60 Crores for Expansion of "Prime Minister Employment Program" and aims to generate additional 2 lakhs employment.
    • Entrepreneurs will be provided with loans at a 2 percent interest rate for startups from BFIs.
    • Small Farmers loan will create 40 thousand job opportunities.
    • 1 Lakh 50 thousand will get the opportunity to work in agriculture employment.
    • Rs. 4 Arba 34 Crores for skilled based training for 75000 people.
  • Social Security: Rs. 67 Arba 50 Crores
  • Drinking water: Rs. 43 Arba 10 Crores
  • Agriculture: Rs. 41 Arba 40 Crores
  • Irrigation: Rs. 27 Arba 96 Crores
  • Forestry and Environment: Rs. 14 Arba 50 Crores
  • Tourism: Rs. 26 Arba 62 Crores
  • Industry, commerce, and supplies: Rs. 12 Arba 92 Crores
  • Transportation: Rs. 1 Kharba 38 Arba 80 Crores

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